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HTC and Under Armour delay wearables until next year


HTC seems to be quite fond of delaying things (hopefully this won’t be the case with the One A9′s promised 15 day updates). We were supposed to see the fruits of HTC’s partnership with Under Armour, the HTC Grip, during the spring. It was delayed until later in the year. It’s October, and it still hasn’t been released.

Thankfully, we finally have word of what’s going on, but unfortunately, it’s not great news. HTC has once again delayed the product, this time until next year.

As we continue to develop the Connected Fitness platform and elevate our product offerings, Under Armour and HTC have decided to launch a fully integrated digital ecosystem of products early next year. This global launch will provide the tools needed to help athletes of all levels track, manage and improve their health and fitness. Our teams have done a remarkable job bringing these products to life and we’re excited to share them with the public soon.HTC

There was no mention of the HTC Grip, so the company may be working on devices other than the Grip to release at the same time. Or the Grip has been cancelled in favor of something else, though that’s less likely. HTC does mention an ecosystem of products, so hopefully we’ll see something interesting next year. This isn’t exactly confidence inspiring on HTC’s part though.

Source: Phandroid

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