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HTC claims unlocked One A9 will get major updates only 15 days after Nexus devices

HTC One A9 official2

System updates have long been a sore point for Android and its fans, as manufacturers have often been painfully slow and carriers further delay updates to add their own bloat and annoying features. But with Nexus devices, you often get updates first, regardless of what carriers want, since they have historically been unlocked and free of carrier influences (there have been a few exceptions).

Other brands have tried to keep up as well. Companies like Samsung and HTC have improved in many ways, and Motorola has exceeded expectations in some cases. But HTC is looking to make an even bigger impact.

With the announcement of the HTC One A9, HTC claims that the unlocked device will be updated only 15 days after the Nexus devices receive their major updates. So whenever Android 6.1 launches, the A9 will get it just 15 days after the Nexus line, which is a stark contrast to the 90 days most manufacturers go by (and often fail to achieve).

That’s not to say HTC won’t be able to do it. The company has blamed lack of updates on carriers before, but the unlocked device will have nothing to do with them. But it remains to be seen how quickly HTC can pump out those updates, since it has to also adapt (and hopefully improve) Sense UI along with it.

There are some fears that a year or two in the future, HTC may not even be around anymore. The company isn’t doing too well financially, so those fears aren’t unfounded. What do you think of the promises HTC is making? Leave a comment!

Via: Phandroid

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