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InVisage’s HDR sensor to dramatically improve future smartphone videos


Almost every flagship smartphone can record decent video these days, but even the best of the best suffer from rolling shutter issues, and we’ve all spotted completely blown out areas if there’s any direct sunlight in the frame. InVisage is planning on changing all of that with its new HDR sensor, which allows for “higher photosensitivity and electron sensitivity per pixel.” InVisage claims that its unique QualtumFilm photosensitive nano-coating allows its chips to capture video frames in a similar fashion to film, allowing for improved dynamic range, and a global on/off switch that completely eliminates the rolling shutter issue that plagues nearly all (even high-end DSLR) digital cameras.

To show off just how good the new sensor is, InVisage recorded a short film using an early prototype of its QuantumFilm smartphone sensor. They also shot with an iPhone to give you an idea of what the difference actually looks like. Both videos are a bit cheesy, but we recommend taking a few minutes and at least checking out the first one.

There’s no guarantee that your next smartphone will feature an InVisage sensor, but it’s encouraging to see that the video quality on our smartphones could get a lot better in the future.

Via: Engadget

Source: InVisage

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