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New Play Store design teased in photo of its evolution

Play Store evolution

The Play Store is soon getting a whole new look, and I’m really digging it. In a photo showing the evolution of the Play Store (or Android Market, as it was known in the early years) and how far the app has come, we can see how it’ll look come next major update. And of course, there are a few more photos teasing the new look.

We had some great times with the original Android Market. Updating apps all at once instead of having each download one by one was definitely fun, even though it failed quite often. Then it was rebranded the Play Store, and though some didn’t like the change, it worked out well for Google.

New Play Store

The latest evolution of the app features the same search bar, but changes everything else. The many categories offered before are now condensed into two tabs, which are apps and entertainment. It sure looks better, and the animations are quite snazzy, but we’ll have to give it a shot to see if it’s an overall good change. It also features RTL support!

Kirill Grouchnikov shared this image as a sort of goodbye, as he’s leaving the Play Store team. We wish you our best in your future endeavors on the frameworks team!

Source: +Kirill Grouchnikov

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