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Nintendo’s first mobile game is called ‘Miitomo’


More than 7 months after Nintendo first announced plans to produce smartphone games, the company has finally revealed some details of its first mobile game.

Called “Miitomo,” Nintendo’s first smartphone game will have you create a Mii (an avatar) that will communicate with other peoples’ Miis without your knowledge. This will be good for people that have trouble communicating with others, Nintendo says, and it could reveal a side of a person that no one else knows about.

Miitomo will be a free-to-play title, but it will offer add-ons that you can pay for. Nintendo says that its future mobile titles will be pay-to-download. As for when Miitomo will launch, Nintendo is aiming to launch it in March 2016, a bit later than its original “end of 2015” window. Nintendo explains the delay by saying that it’s currently busy promoting other titles, and so the later Miitomo launch will give Nintendo more time to focus on its mobile game.

So Nintendo’s first mobile game won’t feature any of its major IP like Mario, Zelda, or anything else. In fact, Miitomo sounds kind of strange so far. We’ve only scratched the surface of what Miitomo is all about, though, and the game is going to become clearer as we get closer to its March 2016 launch. And if you were hoping for some major Nintendo characters to make an appearance in a mobile game, the news that future mobile titles will be pay-to-download suggests that they could feature big-name IP.

Source: Wall Street Journal

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