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Specs leak for new Samsung 18-inch tablet

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Samsung is rumored to be preparing a massive tablet for the market, and the specs for the massive device have now been leaked. The specs claim a display size of 18.5 inches, which sounds almost unusable, but we’ll have to reserve judgement until it’s in our hands.

The other specs are a 1080p display, an octa-core 1.6GHz Samsung Exynos 7 processor, 2GB of RAM, 32GB of memory, a 2MP front facing camera, and a 5,700 mAh battery. While it isn’t all that impressive, it should be more than enough to power that 1080p display. Battery life, on the other hand, may be short.

What do you think about an 18-inch tablet? Would you purchase one? Leave a comment!

Specs: @evleaks, GFXBench

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