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Sprint’s new ‘Quality of Service’ policy will throttle heavy data users in congested areas

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Throttling data for those still attached to unlimited data plans isn’t anything new, and apparently Sprint wants to jump onto that bandwagon, too.

Based on an announcement made by the Now Network on October 16, the carrier will rollout a new policy, one that it calls “Quality of Service” (QoS). With this new policy, heavy data users that find themselves on a congested site will see their network speeds throttled for a brief period of time. They can regain their normal high-speed data if they leave the congested area or the network unclogs.

The threshold for data usage to even be considered for throttling is 23GB of data, which the carrier says is “typical in the industry.” Indeed, T-Mobile, another one of the few carriers that offers unlimited data, has its own cap for heavy data users while connected to a site that might be dealing with heavy traffic.

The rollout of the new policy begins today, October 16, and it will directly affect new subscribers that sign up for an unlimited data plan. Existing customers, on the other hand, will only see the policy go into place if they upgrade their phone and stick with the existing unlimited data plan.

As usual, this policy won’t have any bearing on the majority of the carrier’s subscribers, as the Now Network points out that only 3 percent of its total postpaid subscribers use a “overwhelmingly disproportionate” amount of data.

Source: Sprint

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