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T-Mobile CEO responds to data breach at Experian

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If you’re not aware, Experian had a serious data breach which has compromised the personal information of some T-Mobile customers. More specifically, the intruder had access to the info of those who applied for T-Mobile postpaid services between September 1 of 2013 and September 16 of 2015. While credit card info was not stolen, identifying information like name, address, Social Security, and more may have been compromised.

While this is not T-Mobile’s fault, CEO John Legere has responded to the issue saying that the relationship between Experian and T-Mobile will be reviewed, along with providing as much info as possible to help with recovering from this breach.

According to Experian, none of the info seems to have been used so far. But for those affected, Experian is offering up to two years of credit monitoring and identity theft protection services. If you’re part of the breach, definitely check out your options. Hit the source links for more information.

Sources: Experian, T-Mobile

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