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This is a Samsung Galaxy Note 5 with a clear back, and it looks awesome

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 clear back

Despite the fact that manufacturers try to use different colors to spice up the look of their devices, these days it’s just the same colors over and over again. So what about not having any color at all?

One poster on Reddit (Skarface08) has answered that question with their Samsung Galaxy Note 5. According to the poster, they simply scraped off the color film that’s applied to the back of the device, and then reapplied the back cover to the handset. With this done, you can actually see the inside of the handset, giving it a distinct mechanical look, and something admittedly quite different from the other Galaxy Note 5 units out there.

The process, according to Skarface08, is relatively simple enough. You’ll just need to have access to a heat gun, suction cup, and a razor blade. With those tools, you’ll heat up the back of the cover, use the suction cup to pry the backplate off the device, and then scrape off the color film. Once that’s done, just replace the backplate. The branding left behind is a nice touch, too.

You can watch the process right here.

What do you think of the clear back?

Via: Droid-Life

Source: Reddit

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