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Twitter introduces Moments, a quick way to see Twitter’s instant highlights


At Twitter, the team is constantly looking for new ways to keep users engaged. The company recently rolled out Highlights and While You Were Away features that help bring users up to speed with relevant content that they may have missed while not using Twitter for longer periods of time. Now the company has rolled out a new feature that will help users see “the best of Twitter in an instant.”

Moments is a new addition to Twitter that brings the most popular and important content and topics of Twitter to one place that’s updated all day long. Moments isn’t based on who you follow, but rather what’s happening and developing on Twitter. A Moment will bring in tweets, vines, GIFs and more to one hub that can be swiped through to keep up with major situations and events. For those situations that develop quickly, such as a sports game, there will be an option to follow the Moment, which will blend the latest tweets from the Moment right into your timeline for the duration of the Moment.

As far as new features go, Moments is a surprisingly great one. One of the common complaints of Twitter is that there’s too much going on and that it’s impossible to keep up. Twitter says that it spoke with users who didn’t regularly use the service and used their feedback to create Moments. What came of that strategy is a useful feature that will appeal to both old and new Twitter users alike, creating a better social network for all.

Source: Twitter

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