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Unannounced handset from OnePlus shown off by the FCC

Unknown OnePlus FCC reveal

There’s an unannounced OnePlus-branded handset out there in the world, if the FCC is to be believed. The new device was revealed by the commission in a single photo, with very few details to go along with it.

As noted by PhoneScoop, the device differs quite a bit from previous handsets designed by the company, with this device boasting rounded edges on the top and bottom. And, as some will immediately notice, it does indeed have a familiar look to Apple’s iPhone there at the bottom. There’s an off-set camera near the top corner as well, which is a bit of a different design from the company.

As far as specs go, the FCC filing reveals that there’s a 1.9GHz processor under the hood, along with support for LTE and the usual suspects: Wi-Fi, GPS, FM radios and Bluetooth. The device name within the FCC is E1005, and there’s no direct information as to which operating system it’s running, but the likely event is Android, probably under a proprietary software.

It’s worth noting that OnePlus does have a media event planned for October 12, so it’s likely that this device will be the star of the show.

Via: PhoneScoop

Source: FCC

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