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Unboxing videos of the Nexus 5X and 6P start popping up


While the Nexus 5X and 6P went up for pre-order for a while now, people haven’t had the chance to get their hands on the devices yet. A lot of us are patiently waiting for the devices to arrive. But there are a few unboxing videos for the devices already up, and they offer insight on what comes in the box.

The Nexus 5X comes in a very simple box, which includes a (very large) wall adapter with a USB Type-C port on it. The cable that’s supplied is a Type-C to Type-C cable, identical and reversible on both ends. This does mean you’ll need a separate cable to sync the device with your computer.

The Nexus 6P comes in a very similar box, and while it also includes a dual ended Type-C cable, supplied is a Type-C to regular USB adapter so you can at least sync your phone with a computer out of the box. The extra cash does get you a bit more.

Otherwise, the packaging for the devices is nearly identical, and the devices look really nice. How many of you are waiting for your new Nexus device? Leave a comment!

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