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Verizon planning a rate spike for grandfathered unlimited data customers


Verizon’s unlimited data plan was a steal back in the day, but things are about to change for those who have been relying on Verizon’s $29.99 unlimited plans for the past few years. Verizon has confirmed that the monthly price tag for its grandfathered $29.99 unlimited data plan will increase to $49.99 starting in November. Customers who have managed to hold on to their unlimited data plans will be given the option to pay an extra $20 to retain their unlimited tier or pick between Verizon’s new S/M/L/XL/XXL shared data plan options.

While we know many of you have held on to your unlimited data plans from Verizon, we expect the price hike will force many to reconsider Verizon’s other data options or even look at T-Mobile or Sprint, as their unlimited data options are astonishingly cheap in┬ácomparison. We know that Verizon is trying to simply its lineup of services, but we have a feeling it will be losing loyal customers in the process.

Are you currently on Verizon’s unlimited data plan? Will you be switching to one of their shared data option, keeping your current plan for $49.99 or are you considering making the jump to another service provider?

Source: The Verge

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