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Verizon teases the upcoming DROID Turbo 2 on Twitter


Verizon and Motorola are teaming up for an event soon, and it’s expected that the companies will unveil the DROID Turbo 2. Now the wireless carrier has taken to Twitter to start teasing the upcoming device.

On October 20, Verizon’s official Twitter account tweeted out “Introducing the perfect phone for imperfect people.” The text was accompanied by a quick 11-second slow motion video showing what’s clearly a new DROID-branded smartphone falling towards the pavement. That fades out and adds, “The new Droid is dropping soon.”

The subtle nudges towards “dropping” the smartphone seem to lend credence that this is the DROID Turbo 2, which is rumored to feature the first “shatterproof screen.” On top of that, the Turbo 2 is said to feature a 5.4-inch display with a resolution of 2560×1440, along with a 21MP camera on the back, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor inside, and a battery measured in at 3750mAh. Owners will supposedly be able to customize the device through Moto Maker, too, as an extra bonus.

Are you looking forward to the DROID Turbo 2?

Source: @Verizon

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