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YouTube Gaming adds Android streaming and paid ‘sponsorships’ for streamers


YouTube Gaming and its corresponding Android app went live at the tail end of August, with a report surfacing in September that indicated the app would support streaming to the service right from an Android-based device. The wait for that specific feature is finally over, and streamers have a new option for revenue.

Google has made it official on their YouTube blog that YouTube Gaming now supports streaming from an Android device. The announcements states that Android users can now record and live stream mobile games through the YouTube Gaming app on their device. To activate it, simply tap the “Go Live” option within the app, then activate the front-facing camera on your device to show your face while playing the game. The microphone on your device will be used to provide the commentary as a streamer plays.

YouTube Gaming Sponsorship

Additionally, Google has confirmed that paid “sponsorships” are now going live for streamers using YouTube Gaming. This is similar to Twitch’s subscriptions, which allows a viewer to subscribe to a streamer they like. YouTube Gaming’s sponsorships are $3.99 per month, and Google says that the majority of that sponsorship goes to the creator. (Twitch, on the other hand, offers a half-and-half deal, where the streamer gets half of the $5.99 subscription that viewers pay.)

With a sponsorship, the viewer will get a badge next to their name indicating the they’re a subscriber to the streamer, and will have access to exclusive chat sessions. One caveat: Paid sponsorships are only available to beta users. Google says they have plans to rollout beta channels soon.

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