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Trinity Audio Delta earphone review

Trinity Audio Delta 5

When you see something like swappable filters in a pair of earphones, you can’t help but be intrigued. The Trinity Audio Delta is a pretty high-end product, made of aluminum and featuring swappable filters that can change the tone of your audio to fit your preference. I couldn’t help but be excited to give them a shot.


Drivers: 8mm neodymium
Impedance: 16Ohm
Sensitivity: 110 +/- 3DB
Frequency response: 19 – 21000HZ
Cable length: 1.2 meters
Price: £90.00 ($138.00)
Where to buy: Trinity Audio

The Delta earphones feature aluminum casings, making them strong yet lightweight. Trinity Audio also claims aluminum is better for audio than plastic. The wires come out at an angle, each with a color coded L or R cover.

The two wires meet at an aluminum piece that looks like it’s milled, but extends a braided cord to the plug at the end, which is also made out of aluminum. It has a spring at the cable end to prevent tearing.

Build quality

Trinity Audio Delta 3

The way these earphones are built is outstanding. I couldn’t give them enough praise. Everything is made out of aluminum and feels absolutely excellent while also being lightweight. The plug has a milled feel to it for added grip and texture, and the spring that protects the cable at the end is a brilliant addition that just adds to the quality.

The braided cable deserves endless praise. It looks and feels incredible and adds to the luxury feel of these earphones. It also pretty much untangles itself. After being scrunched up, just holding them out makes them unravel neatly. It’s also very flexible, so it doesn’t get in your way or pull at your ears.

The actual casings are well made, and all the filters fit well and have fairly large threads that don’t seem like they’ll strip. The tips are a tight fit (sometimes even too tight), so they won’t be falling out.

Really, I can’t say enough about the amazing attention to detail and build quality.

Audio quality

With the Trinity Audio Delta earphones, audio quality is a very mixed bag for a person like me. Let me get this out of the way: I’m very picky in terms of audio. I like balanced sound, where each element of a song is clear and doesn’t overpower the rest. That’s not always easy to achieve.

These earphones, no matter the filter you use, are not all that balanced. The highs dominate the rest of the sound, even with the bass filter, which I’ve grown to prefer. It brings the lows and mids closer to the level of the highs. The other filters just sound too bright for my taste.

That being said, the drivers are excellent and produce very clear audio. The highs and mids are crystal clear, with no distortion even at pretty high volumes. The bass isn’t strong by any means, but it’s pleasant and far from absent.

Overall, with the bass filters installed, these earphones sound pretty fantastic. Everything is crystal clear and the details of complicated music shine. Most people will be thrilled with the quality. I just wish the highs were toned down a little (which you can do yourself with an equalizer).


Trinity Audio tried really hard to get these earphones to fit pretty much everyone. The box features seven different pairs of ear tips; four regular, two foam, and one double seal. I was surprised to see such a variety, but that’s awesome.

That being said, these earphones didn’t fit me so well. The double seal tips were the only ones that kept the earphones in my ears. I have weird ears and I’m not afraid to say it, so take my fitment issues with a grain of salt. I’ve asked a few other people for their opinions and they said the earphones fit great and are very comfortable.

Many earphones simply don’t fit me at all and fall out constantly, so these are already better than 99% of in-ear buds. And others have loved them, so I give them props in comfort.


Trinity Audio Delta 2

These earphones have some nice features going for them. The case is triangular and really nice. Included is a right angle adapter made from the same aluminum as the plug, and it feels amazing (and is just a nice touch in general). The filters are all aluminum and color coded (dark gray is for bass, purple is balanced, and silver is treble) and come in a beautiful matching aluminum tube with a screw on cap. The case features a little pocket to hold these accessories.

While I got the pair with no microphone and remote, Trinity Audio does offer a version with those features.

Trinity Audio Delta9 / 10

Trinity Audio Delta 1

They may not be the best sounding, perfectly balanced earphones, but they’re amazing in every other way. The build quality is absolutely superb, the feature set is great, the swappable filters are a neat feature, and the price is pretty fair.

These earphones also sound great. The highs are prominent and very clear, the bass is decent and not overbearing, and the mids are audible and enjoyable. The balance could use work, but overall they sound fairly premium.

If you’ve been looking for some premium earphones that look great and will last a long time, I think these are an amazing choice.

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