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Review: Cannon Golf

Cannon Golf 1

When playing golf, have you ever wondered what would happen if you replaced your driver with a cannon? Your chipping wedge with a mortar? Or your putter with an anti-tank gun? No? Me neither, but the developer of Cannon Golf certainly has and has created a side-scrolling crazy golf game for Android that makes use of an entire arsenal across 18 holes.

Cannon Golf is relatively simple in its premise: fire your ball from a cannon and hit a target at the end of each hole. You select your weapon, set the trajectory, and let fly making sure to avoid any obstacles in your way. There are three courses, comprising of 54 holes in total, and you are rewarded for finishing each hole in as few shots as possible with a bronze, silver or gold trophy.

The game is super easy to get into and play — it’s fairly self-explanatory, but there’s an in-game tutorial providing something of a guide throughout with the rest being learned through trial and error. There’s a simple slider to be moved up and down to aim, and one button to shoot.

Cannon Golf 2

You’ll notice the graphics employed are pretty rudimentary, with a mix of materials, textures, fonts, and layers that leave a lot to be desired — Cannon Golf needs a lot of polish to get it up to the standard you’d expect from a modern mobile game. In many ways, it feels like a retro throwback, but I’m not so sure that is intentional. Cannon Golf is also side-scrolling for the most part, but changes to first-person once the ball has been fired from the cannon which is a little jarring and removes the perspective you use to plan your shots.

Nevertheless, playing the game is entertaining, challenging and rather addictive if you can forgive the visuals. It’s easy enough to complete the first course of 18 holes and progress to the second and third courses, but completing all of the holes within the required number of shots to gain the gold trophy is difficult.

Cannon Golf 3

Where it is most interesting is in the different types of artillery, terrain, obstacles and balls that you encounter. Different cannons have different qualities in terms of trajectory and propulsion, and different golf balls and ammo types can travel further or defeat certain obstacles more easily. Combine that with bunkers and water traps and you can see how quickly strategy comes into play.

There are in-app purchases present in the game, but you do not need to purchase anything to progress in the game — new levels are unlocked by earning gold trophies through gameplay. Instead, these are here to unlock a fast forward function to speed up the action when you make your shot or as an optional donation to support further development of the game.

Cannon Golf has a certain amount of charm to it and is challenging enough to become addictive once you get into it. However, the poor graphics need some work before the game will be blasting into the top charts.

Check out Cannon Golf on Google Play where it can be downloaded for free.

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