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Google Drive updated with easier sharing and more notifications

Google Drive group sharing

Google Drive has been updated to make it easier to use in a few big ways, and these are changes that have been needed for quite a while. Thankfully, they’re rolling out to everyone now, including to the mobile apps for Android and iOS.

One of the big updates to the service is additional notifications. Instead of relying on email, the updated apps will display notifications when something has been shared with you, allowing you to go straight to the file or folder that’s been shared.

Notifications also allow for easier sharing. When sharing a link, you would usually have to enter a person’s email to allow them to see the files. Now, sending a link will allow the person to request access with one click, and a notification will allow you to grant it. It’s a much better system than before. You can also view files without a Google account, like you can on the web.

Some of these features are available now, and some are still rolling out to everyone. But check for an update to your Google Drive app to see if you can take advantage of it!

Source: Google Drive Blog

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