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Apple Music is now available for Android

Apple Music for Android official

In June of this year, Apple officially announced that its music streaming service, Apple Music, would be making its way to Google’s Android operating system at some point in the fall. Now, sure enough, the service is now available to Android users who want to give it a shot.

As far as what’s available with Apple Music on Android, it looks like it’s almost everything that’s available for iOS users right out of the gate. That includes access to Apple Music’s 30 million tracks as well as all of the individual categories to take advantage of. That includes the “For You” section, which will work through handpicked recommendations based on music you listen to, “Radio” that allows users to listen in on Beats 1 Radio, “Playlists”, which is a quick way to find the unique playlists users put together, and “My Music”, where the subscriber’s music can be found.

Interestingly enough, Apple is calling this a beta, and lists a few important details for Android users:

  • Music videos are coming soon.
  • Sign-ups and upgrades to Family memberships require Mac or iOS.
  • Sign-up process to be optimized for Android.

For new subscribers, Apple is still offering a three-month trial period, so any potential listeners can try out the service for an extended period of time before deciding on handing Apple any of their money.

Do you plan on checking out Apple Music?

Source: Apple Music (Play Store)

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