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Ashton Kutcher and Motorola show how Motos make for a better relationship


Ashton Kutcher and Motorola have a theory, “that people are actually in love with their phones.” And wouldn’t you know it, Motorola’s phones can make that relationship much better.

In a series of “experiments” held with willing participants and Motorola, with Doctor Kutcher (please don’t really call him that) serving as lead scientist (please don’t really call him that either), people are tested to see how much they really love their phone. There are two videos, one promoting the Droid Turbo 2 and one promoting the Moto X Pure Edition, that go along with a handful of other videos from Motorola showcasing how much people value their smartphones.

The videos are short, so we won’t spoil them for you, but we will say this: Punk’d has never been more primed for a revival.

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