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Google employee deems OnePlus USB Type-C cable and adapter potentially harmful

OnePlus USB Type-C cable

OnePlus has released a few USB Type-C accessories recently, like a (much sought after) USB Type-C cable and a Type-C adapter. But according to a Google employee by the name of Benson Leung, they might be dangerous to your device.

The man has reviewed a lot of USB Type-C cables (even more since the article was written), looking for proper compliance and components inside. His research is fantastic, as the technology is young and there are a lot of bad products out there.

According to Leung, OnePlus cables and adapters use the wrong resistor inside, so devices will attempt to charge at 3A but will not be able to draw that current. He says this might actually damage your device! The OnePlus 2 doesn’t support fast charging, so it isn’t at risk, but devices like the new Nexus phones are.

If you’re looking for a new USB Type-C cable, you’d do well avoiding the OnePlus cables and selecting a good one from this list. And if you already have a OnePlus cable, shooting the company an email with Benson Leung’s info can’t hurt.

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