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Google launches YouTube Music with 14-day free trial


YouTube has been busy when it comes to new features, with YouTube Red bringing ad-free and other noteworthy features to the service for a minimal monthly subscription. Now the focus is on music, as Google aims to offer a “new type of experience” when you want to listen to, or watch, your favorite artist or track.

On November 12, Google officially launched YouTube Music for Android (and iOS) users in a standalone app. The company isn’t shy about saying that starting a song in YouTube Music will take you down the rabbit hole of videos and music, and uses it as a selling point of the new service. The company also says that discovering music will be easier than ever, as the new Home tab will populate recommended tracks and artists, and even put together personalized stations based on your listening habits.

While YouTube Music will have access to a vast catalog of official songs, albums and videos, Google also promotes the fact that there are a variety of videos in its collection, including lyric videos, concert footage and even covers and remixes. All of this content will be available through YouTube Music, easily accessible when the user wants.

YouTube Music Android app

To get the best experience, though, Google suggests upgrading to YouTube Red for $9.99 per month, which will net the user offline playback, along with the ability to seamlessly switch between a music video and just the music’s audio if the situation calls for it. With YouTube Red activated, you’ll also be able to keep listening even when you start using another app or your screen turns off.

Google is launching YouTube Music along with a 14-day free trial.

YouTube Music is available right now through the Play Store as a free download. Do you plan on checking it out?

Via: Official YouTube Blog

Source: YouTube Music (Play Store)

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