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Google Play paid app minimum reduced in 17 global markets


After successfully testing out lower paid app minimums in India earlier this year, Google has informed developers that they can now lower the price of paid apps in 17 additional markets. While it sounds a bit crazy, app developers have been asking Google to lower paid app minimums for quite some time. The lower app prices will allow developers to make more money by offering tailored prices for each unique market. Buying an app for $0.99 in the US doesn’t sound like a whole lot, but that’s not the case if you live in the Philippines and only make $250 per month at your full time job.

Lower paid app minimums also mean that developers can start charging for apps which were previously only available for free. The list below shows the new paid app minimums, which are now available for 17 markets across the globe. There’s no indication that paid apps will be getting cheaper in the US or major markets in Western Europe, but we’re sure Google will consider it if they see sales increases in these 17 markets.

New Google Play paid app minimums by county

  • Brazil: R$ 0.99 (US$0.26) — was R$2.00
  • Chile: CLP $200.00 (US$0.28) — was CLP $500.00
  • Colombia: COP$ 800.00 (US$0.26) — was COP$ 2000.00
  • Hungary: Ft 125.00 (US$0.43) — was Ft 225.00
  • Indonesia: Rp 3,000.00 (US$0.22) — was Rp 12,000.00
  • Malaysia: RM 1.00 (US$0.23) — was RM 3.50
  • Mexico: MXN$ 5.00 (US$0.30) — was MXN$ 9.90
  • Peru: S/. 0.99 (US$0.30) — was S/. 3.00
  • Philippines: ₱15.00 (US$0.32) — was ₱43.00
  • Poland: zł1.79 (US$0.45) — was zł2.99
  • Russia: руб 15.00 (US$0.23) — was руб 30.00
  • Saudi Arabia:﷼ 0.99 (US$0.26) — was 4.00﷼
  • South Africa: R3.99 (US$0.28) — was R10.00
  • Thailand: ฿10.00 (US$0.28) — was ฿32.00
  • Turkey: ₺0.59 (US$0.21) — was ₺2.00
  • Ukraine: ₴5.00 (US$0.21) — was ₴8.00
  • Vietnam: ₫6,000 (US$0.27) — was ₫21,000.00

Via: Engadget

Source: Android Developers Blog

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