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Inbox by Gmail aims to help you save time with Smart Reply


While Google has Gmail, its mainstay email app, available for mobile devices, it also has another option called Inbox, which the company hopes will become even more functionally worthwhile for users with the addition of a new feature called Smart Reply.

Google officially announced the new feature on Tuesday, November 3, and it works by guessing how you’d like to respond to a particular email in your inbox. The function will see three options for the user to select, which will then be used as the reply and sent to the recipient. If you wish to edit the Smart Reply option, you can do that, so if you need to add a bit more content you can. You can also choose to simply ignore the options offered up by Smart Reply and tap in your own reply as you normally would.

Inbox by Gmail Smart Reply

There’s some impressive machine learning happening with Smart Reply, and Google says it will get better over time as it learns which emails you’re typically more inclined to reply to and build natural language replies to hopefully not only save time, but also make it look like you’re not just automating the reply process. The feature will learn over time, based on the Smart Reply options you decide to go with or ultimately opt to skip.

As far as release goes, Google says the Smart Reply function will roll out to Inbox users for both Android and iOS beginning at the end of this week.

What do you think of the idea?

Via: Inbox by Gmail (Play Store)

Source: Official Gmail Blog

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