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Let this Google employee help you find a USB Type-C cable that works


Not all USB Type-C cables are created equal. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Some run hot, some don’t provide as much charge as they should or say they do, and some are just plain dangerous. Thankfully, Google employee Benson Leung has taken it upon himself to sort out a bit of the mess in finding reliable, up to spec USB Type-C cables.

Benson has set up an Amazon reviews profile where he will be reviewing and detailing USB Type-C cables over time. So far, he has reviewed 7 cables and adapters, and only 2 have made the cut. He gives Belkin and iOrange-E nods for making quality cables that perform as they should. Judging by their review scores, it appears the rest of Amazon agrees with him.

To check out Benson’s review profile, check out the Amazon link below. It might be wise to do¬†before buying an extra USB Type-C cable.

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Source: Amazon

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