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Long distance wireless charging is now a reality

Si-Ware Systems Wireless Charging

Wireless charging is a great technology (that I miss so much ever since I switched to the Moto X Pure Edition), allowing you to charge without dealing with cables or worn out USB ports. Just place your phone on a wireless charging surface and you’re good to go. Unfortunately, using your phone means stopping wireless charging.

Si-Ware Systems and Ossia have introduced a system called Cota that can charge compatible devices within a 30 foot radius. It can transmit 10 watts of power, while devices can pull a maximum of 6 watts. It isn’t nearly as fast as Quick Charge 2.0, but it’s still pretty decent all things considered. The radio frequency technology also means that direct line of sight isn’t necessary, so devices will still charge through minor obstructions.

This technology isn’t limited to smartphones and wearables, though. Even things like wireless keyboards could be charged this way, without ever having to plug anything in. As long as you’re near the charger, your devices are getting charged.

While there are some things to consider, like the effect of constant charging on a device that’s at home for 12 hours a day, but it’s an awesome step forward.

Source: PR Newswire

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