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Movado partners with HP for the Bold Motion smartwatch

Movado Bold Motion

Smartwatches are beginning to branch out, particularly on the luxury end. We recently saw the launch of the TAG Heuer Connected, the result of Google’s partnership with the Swiss watchmaker. Now, Movado, another Swiss watchmaker, is introducing a smartwatch that’s been engineered in conjunction with HP. The Movado Bold Motion retains the iconic modern design of Movado products, but pairs it with smartwatch technology for greater functionality, in a similar manner to Withings and the Activité smartwatch.

The watch itself looks similar to other Movado products, with an exceptionally simple watch face that’s highlighted by a circular disc that marks the 12:00 spot. The Bold Motion, however, uses subtle design elements to add smartwatch functionality. The watch features small LED indicators around the edges of the watch face that work in conjunction with a haptic feedback motor to provide bits of information provided by your smartphone. For example, a the Bold Motion will vibrate and light up a specific indicator if you have a new email, or if you have an upcoming appointment, it’ll alert you with a different indicator. In addition to that, it also tracks your steps to keep you up to date on how much you’re moving.

Movado worked with HP to incorporate new functionality into a standard watch design, and the result is a stunning smartwatch, though at a higher price and with less functionality than many others. The Movado Bold Motion is priced at $695 and is “coming soon”, though no specific date has been given. It features Bluetooth connectivity, as well as compatibility with both iOS and Android.

This isn’t HP’s first partnership with a high-end watchmaker. If you’ll remember, the company worked with Michael Bastian to create the MB Chronowing, a fashion-oriented smartwatch that offered even more functionality than the Bold Motion. HP hasn’t ventured into the smartwatch market with its own device, but it seems to be benefiting from these partnerships to create niche devices. We’ll keep an eye on the company and its movements in the smartwatch market.

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