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New Chrome exploit puts all Android phones at risk

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Google’s had quite a tough year keeping its Android system secure. Following the Stagefright debacle, any Android phone running Chrome is now vulnerable to a new exploit that uses JavaScript v8 to gain full administrator privileges on the device. Guang Gong discovered the Chrome vulnerability and demonstrated how it works at the PacSec conference in Tokyo. When an Android phone uses the Chrome browser to access a website that hosts the malicious code, an application can be installed onto the phone without any knowledge or interaction by the user.

Fortunately, Google is already aware of the exploit and is working to patch the holes with a future update to the Chrome app. Guang Gong has not shared the full details of the exploit with the public, but will likely do so once the threat has passed.

Do you think Stagefright and this new Chrome exploit will have a lasting impact on the public’s perception of Android?

Source: The Register

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