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OnePlus introduces On-Guard insurance for the OnePlus 2 and OnePlus X


OnePlus is not a company know for following norms. The company enjoys experimenting and doing things differently from other manufacturers. In its latest move, OnePlus has partnered with insurance companies to create a protection plan that’s specifically made for the OnePlus 2 and will also be offered for the OnePlus X. In Europe, the plan will be known as On-Guard and offers coverage for breakage, accidental damage, damage due to dropping the device, liquid damage, vandalism, and more.

The pricing is also extremely affordable, at just 12 months for €39.99 or 24 months for €64.99 in Europe.

OnePlus is also bringing the same insurance to India, where it will be known as OnePlus Service2 and Protect2 and will be offered in partnership with Indian insurance providers. As for the US and Canada, OnePlus says that it’s bringing the insurance to North America soon, and it’s currently working with North American insurance providers to create the plan.

On-Guard can be purchased at checkout along with your OnePlus 2 or OnePlus X. If you don’t pull the trigger at first, but then decide that you do indeed want the protection, you have 15 days from the date of purchase in which to sign up for On-Guard. All in all, On-Guard seems to be a very good insurance plan for the OnePlus 2 and OnePlus X. The only drawback is that On-Guard is not available to those who have already purchased a OnePlus 2, which is sure to anger some customers. Nonetheless, if you’re looking to purchase a OnePlus 2, you now have a perfect insurance plan to accompany it.

Source: OnePlus

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