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Samsung’s Galaxy Note 5 now comes with a warning on inserting the S Pen correctly

Galaxy Note 5 S Pen insert warning

Soon after the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 launched, several different people found that inserting the included S Pen could actually break the internal S Pen sensor and essentially prevent the S Pen from being removed without causing further damage. While Samsung was quick to respond, the damage, so to speak, was already done.

Now, almost three months later, Samsung has taken the initiative and created a brand new warning label for the Galaxy Note 5 and the S Pen. The new warning label was first discovered via a YouTube video published by “J. Williams” showcasing a T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Gold Platinum, and surfaced by way of SamMobile.

In the video, it’s clearly showcased now on a new warning label that says inserting the S Pen the wrong way “can damage the pen and your phone,” and it also has a pair of images depicting the right (and wrong) way to insert the stylus.

Is it a good idea that’s a little too late?

Via: SamMobile

Source: YouTube

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