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Sony revamps camera UI for Xperia Z5 series, dramatically improving user experience

Sony Xperia Z5 leak2

For years, Sony has been building the best digital imaging sensors on the planet. That being said, Sony’s software teams have struggled to deliver a stellar UI, making the act of using their smartphone cameras quite cumbersome and dramatically harder than their competitors’. Fortunately, Sony’s been listing to the complaints of its users and is now delivering a camera update to the Sony Xperia Z5, Z5 Compact and Z5 Premium that will dramatically improve the camera usability on all three devices.

sony-xperia-z5-caemra-uiSince Sony has dozens of Xperia Camera apps and presets available on its phones, the software team decided that they needed to do away with its clunky menu system. Rather than finding the camera more by tapping the screen a half dozen times, users can now swipe through to the various camera modes directly from the viewfinder. Manually changing the brightness or white balance of a shot is as easy as tapping the on-screen settings button and adjusting two different sliders that appear.  

The changes to Sony’s camera app UI will be well-accepted. The UI ideas implemented aren’t necessarily new (HTC and Samsung users have has similar UI features since early 2014), but it’s nice to see Sony continuing to improve the user experience on its phone. Now, if they could just find a way to get multiple service providers in the US to carry the Xperia Z5 line, Sony’s smartphone division might actually be able to make a profit in 2016.

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