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T-Mobile CEO gives you 10 reason why switching from T-Mobile to Sprint is a bad idea

John Legere

With Sprint’s promise to cut your cellphone bill in half (only for customers who switching from T-Mobile, AT&T or Verizon), there are certainly a lot of people considering the offer. Saving money is a huge draw for a lot of people, but T-Mobile CEO John Legere went of a rant last night, highlighting ten different reasons why switching from T-Mobile to Spring is a bad idea. We suggest jumping over to Twitter to read all of Legere’s Tweets on the matter, but we’ve also listed out his main points below.

  1. T-Mobile customers get access to whatever plan they want. On Sprint, you have to leave and come back take advantage!
  2. T-Mobile customers get 4G LTE in 500+ cities. Not on Sprint. #Spark…I mean #LTEplus
  3. T-Mobile customers get America’s Fastest 4G LTE network. Sprint’s get America’s slowest (@Ookla).
  4. T-Mobile customers don’t have activation fees. Sprint charges $36 per line!
  5. T-Mobile customers get unlimited data and text in 140 countries. Not on Sprint.
  6. T-Mobile customers use their phone in Mexico & Canada just like they do in the US. Not on Sprint.
  7. T-Mobile customers get tethering included in their plans. Not on Sprint’s new 50% off offer.
  8. T-Mobile customers get #DataStash (unused data rolls forward). Not on Sprint.
  9. T-Mobile customers get Unlimited music streaming w/ their plans. Not on Sprint.
  10. T-Mobile customers get Unlimited video streaming w/ their plans. Not on Sprint.

Looking for the moral of today’s story? Yes, switching from T-Mobile to Sprint will save you money, but you’ll be giving up quite a few benefits of being on T-Mobile’s network.


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