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Three places to look for real deals this holiday season


Like it or not, the holiday season has officially turned from the shopping season to the deal season. Every retailer under the sun is already offering deals and sales leading up to this year’s ridiculous Black Friday event. And most of them aren’t really deals at all.

Where do you go to find the best deals? Here’s a short, simple guide to finding real deals this year.


for phones

If you’re trying to find a deal on a phone this year, chances are eBay will be the best place to look. Retailers on eBay have been consistently offering the best deals on everything from the year-old Nexus 6 to the relatively new Samsung Galaxy S6.

Manufacturers like Motorola always offer great deals on their handsets around this time of year as well, but unless you’ve got something specific in mind, it’s worth checking in with eBay to see what pops up.

Visit eBay.


for accessories

Amazon offers the best deals on smartphone and tablet accessories this time of year. Gold Box deals are unending and consistently feature phone cases, headphones, memory cards, battery banks, and more.

Some deals on Amazon aren’t the greatest, but even their lesser savings are usually cheaper than other retailers. Keep your eye out for the truly killer deals from Amazon, because they tend to sell out quick.

Visit Amazon.


for the truly best deals. period.

SlickDeals is a deal-laden paradise. With one of the most active and strict self-policing communities on the web, SlickDeals is an entire forum-powered site dedicated to hunting down and tracking the best deal on anything and everything. Period.

If you want the truly best deals, download the SlickDeals app and check in frequently. Make sure to read the comments on posts to get a feel for past prices, possible future discounts, and other related info.

Visit Slickdeals.


Android and Me

Surprise! Android and Me is another great place to check for deals. When a deal is good enough, we’ll be sure to share it. If not, don’t expect to see it hit our front page. Honestly.

Good luck, and be sure to let us know what killer deals you find this year.

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