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HTC Vive gains FCC approval


The HTC Vive won’t be going on sale until April of next year, but HTC’s virtual reality system can’t seem to go more than a few days without making the news. The FCC has given the Vive its seal of approval, listing the Vive’s headset, controllers, base station and link box separately on its site. No exact specifications or new images are revealed in the FCC listings, but they do contain images that show where the FCC labels will be placed on each device.

Last week we were treated to two images that showed off the updated HTC Vive headset and controllers, which will be unveiled at CES next week. Along with the new developer kits, HTC is also planning to shows off  “a very, very big technological breakthrough,” which is the reason why HTC chose to scrap the original December launch plans and move things back to April.

While there are quite a few VR players at the moment, there’s no real indication as to how big the consumer market will be until the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift go on sale in 2016. Everyone who’s tried the competing devices claims that the HTC Vive offers a more refined and immersive experience since the system can track your entire body and enable you to actually move around within virtual environments. If HTC and Valve can find a way to bring Vive to market at a reasonable price, it may become the product that pulls HTC out of the gutter in 2016.

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