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New Google Glass hardware shown off by FCC before official announcement

Google Glass Titanium Frame 4

Remember earlier this year when reports suggested that new Google Glass hardware, dubbed Enterprise Edition, was in the works? Well, Google still hasn’t announced any new Glass, but that didn’t stop the FCC from going ahead and posting images of the unannounced hardware.

A new FCC listing includes several images of the new Google Glass Enterprise Edition. The biggest change with the new hardware is the inclusion of a hinge that should help protect against accidental bumps. A hinge was one of the most requested features following the original version of Glass, so it’s nice to see Google listening to user feedback and including it with the Enterprise Edition.

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In addition to the hinge, this new Google Glass Enterprise Edition is packing a prism that looks significantly larger than the Explorer Edition. The device’s power button has been relocated, as well.

Other changes that are rumored to be included with the new version of Google Glass include an updated Intel processor, better Wi-Fi connectivity, and better battery life. And in case the battery life improvements aren’t enough, it’s said that Google is prepping an external battery pack attachment to extend Glass’s life even farther. Finally, the whole package is said to be waterproof.

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This new Google Glass Enterprise Edition looks like a solid improvement over the Enterprise Edition that was first offered years ago. The bad news is that, as its name suggests, the Google Glass Enterprise Edition is intended for business use. That means that any regular consumers looking to upgrade to the new Glass will find it difficult to get a hold of the upgraded hardware. That’s kind of a bummer for any Glass fans out there, but hey, maybe Google will eventually release a new consumer version of Glass with the improvements included with the Enterprise Edition.

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Source: FCC

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