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Alcatel OneTouch launching new Pixi 4 line as well as a watch to keep track of your kids


At CES 2015 Alcatel OneTouch announced the Idol 3 series budget phones that could be used right-side-up and upside-down. Then, it just felt like yet another budget Android phone fighting for attention in a flooded market. But when review units were sent out later in the year, the Android world couldn’t believe how great of a phone Alcatel OneTouch put together at such a low price point. CES 2016 is here and Alcatel OneTouch has out attention. What do they have up their sleeve for us this year?

PIXI 4Alcatel OneTouch is launching a new PIXI 4 family of devices that they’re calling “Premium Entry-Level Devices”. I feel a bit strange using the words premium and entry-level in the same sentence, but the Idol 3 phone was darn close to representing those words so I’ll let it fly. Does premium entry-level equal mid-range? Regardless, here’s what Alcatel OneTouch is offering with the PIXI 4 line:

  • A range of 3.5-inch and 4-inch smartphones, a 6-inch phablet and 7-inch tablet (the 4-inch device and larger will have “powerful quad-core processors”)
  • Polaroid software for perfect, personalized photos
  • Power-saving functions for up to 25% longer battery life
  • Louder and clearer sound on all apps, music and video players
  • Lots of fun colors

In addition to the new PIXI 4 device line, on January 2nd Alcatel OneTouch announced a 2G connected kids’ watch called CareTime. There are a few of these kinds of connected kid tracking watches out there right now so it will be interesting to see how the CareTime watch stacks up for the price. I have young kids and I kind of like the idea of a kid tracking watch. I think my kid might get a kick out of it too.

Here’s what the Alcatel CareTime watch features:CareTime_1

  • Parents can call or send voice messages to their children
  • Children can reply to up to 10 pre-set contacts or make calls to 5 registered numbers
  • GPS locator informs parents of kids’ location
  • Geo Fence feature notifies parents when children enter or leave a pre-set safe zone

So how do you feel about Alcatel OneTouche’s new devices? Have any of them piqued your interest? Waiting to see if they can have another Idol 3 repeat? Let us know your thoughts by commenting below.

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