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Deal: 128GB PNY microSD card at a new low price of $34.99 on Amazon


While the number of smartphones and tablets supporting microSD expansion has been dwindling, the prices of said storage continue to plummet. We are hoping to see something of a resurgence in the microSD department with the addition of adoptable storage in Marshmallow making them considerably more precious again.

So if you are still blessed with a device that has a microSD slot or are looking to stock up in preparation for getting one again, this deal on the PNY 128GB high speed microSD card is solid. $34.99 is the cheapest we have seen it on Amazon (it typically hovers around $49.99) and one of lowest prices we’ve seen anywhere.

I’ve been waiting on a deal to boost the storage on my 16GB NVIDIA Shield TV, which had turned into a bit of a juggling act, but Marshmallow is arriving just in time.

Source: Amazon: PNY 128GB microSD card

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