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Deal: 16GB Nexus 5X available for $299 from Amazon


While deals on the Nexus 5X are becoming increasingly common, this remains the lowest price we have seen (ignoring bundled items anyway), and it is the first time we have seen it his this price on Amazon, which I know is basically the only place that many of us shop at this point.

Unfortunately there is no matching discount on the 32GB model, but they do have both the black 16GB and the white 16GB model available. The 16GB Mint Nexus 5X is also part of the deal, but won’t ship for 2-5 weeks.

We still have mixed feelings on the Nexus 5X overall, but below $300 it is an easy recommendation for those that want to stick to a budget but don’t want to give up regular Android updates.

Via: Amazon: White Nexus 5X

Source: Amazon: Black Nexus 5X

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