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Deal: 2nd gen Moto Hint marked down to $60 through Best Buy


The second generation Moto Hint, the tiny Bluetooth headset from Motorola, launched in the Fall last year to no fanfare from Motorola, presumably a nod to the original Moto Hint not setting the world on fire with its sales figures.

The price of the new Moto Hint at launch was also slashed to $129.99 from the $149.99 of its predecessor. That seemed a much more reasonable asking price, but still likely too tall an ask for most buyers. The street price on the Hint has been sitting at $79.99 most places for some time now, but Best Buy has now dropped it to $59.99 through its eBay store and online for in-store pick-up. Update: The deal is strictly for in-store pickup regardless of whether you go directly through Best Buy’s site or eBay so this deal is subject to availability in your area.

At that price I think it is worth a second look for a couple sets of people. Full disclosure, I love the second generation Moto Hint, it solved the huge problem from the first generation which was that it was simply too quiet to be usable in anything other than a pretty quiet environment. It also nearly doubled the battery life in the case giving you a total of 17 hours when the Hint and case are fully charged.

The first category of people that should consider the Hint are those that simply want a low-profile Bluetooth headset. Both for making calls and using voice commands with my smartphone the Hint works fantastically while only making me look vaguely crazy with a slight protrusion from my ear rather than like a Borg.

That is a distant second to my primary use for the Hint though, which is listening to podcasts and audio books. Admittedly I consume a somewhat disturbing amount of both, but this use case has made it easily the second most used gadget for me behind only whatever my current smartphone might be.

Now there are a number of truly wireless stereo earbuds coming this year, but most of those are going to run you $200+, so if you are just looking for a low-profile Bluetooth headset or like me spend most of your time listening to spoken word content the Moto Hint at $59.99 is a great deal.

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