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Deal: Unlocked LG G4 just $349 at B&H until midnight EST


If you feel like you can get by without the “magic slot” and whatever else LG has up its sleeve with the LG G5, then this deal on the LG G4 is one to consider.

At $349.95 this is around $70 less than you typically see an unlocked G4 and $100 less than you’ll find it at B&H most days. This comes with the black leather back, but as you may remember the G4 is one of the few holdouts with a removable back so you can swap that out pretty cheaply if you like.

The device is brand new and factory unlocked and will work just fine on US Cellular (where it originates), AT&T and for the most part T-Mobile. LTE will be good to go on both T-Mobile and AT&T, but T-Mo users in areas that have been re-farmed with 1900MHz will have to make do with HSPA+.

Via: Android Police

Source: B&H

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