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Developers at long last gain the ability to issue promo codes in Google Play


While this likely isn’t going to change the world for the average Android user, I have little doubt that many developers are thrilled to finally see the option to send out promo codes for apps or in-app purchases in the Google Play developer console. This has always been one of those mystifying omissions for Android developers, but better late than never.

Developers have fairly extensive control over the promo codes, although they are limited to a total of 500 promo codes for a given app per quarter, with the ability to split that out however they wish between codes for a full app or specific in-app purchases. Subscription promo codes are one of the only things that remain a no-go at the moment.

Developers can set promo periods for up to one year and they have the ability to pause a promotion and update either a start or end date if they wish to do so.

We look forward to seeing developers take advantage of this long awaited functionality.

Via: Android Police

Source: Developer Console Help

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