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Facebook has purposefully caused its own app to crash to test its users


According to The Information, some of the errors you might have experienced with the Facebook app were intentional. Many of us have faced issues with the app in the past (let’s face it, it used to be awful), but it seems that Facebook was, at some point, intentionally making the app crash for some users.

This crashing was allegedly to test user’s loyalty to the social network, and the results say it all. Those affected came back to Facebook, even using the mobile site over the app just to access the service. People apparently love Facebook that much.

The rationale behind these tests makes some sense. Despite potentially alienating users (though the results show that wasn’t happening), the tests show that people would use Facebook even if Google were to remove the app from the Play Store. Facebook depends on Google for distribution of its app, and it makes sense for Facebook to have a backup plan. If it came down to distributing the app outside of the Play Store, it seems Facebook users would be willing.

Of course, this also makes Facebook look positively evil. What’s your opinion on the matter? Leave a comment!

Via: The Verge

Source: The Information

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