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Facebook says that Live Video is coming to Android soon


Social networks are constantly changing and evolving to keep up with the the demands of today’s fast-moving society. One social media trend that’s taken off over the past year is live video streaming. Meerkat and Periscope spent a few months duking it out to see who could expand more quickly, with Periscope ultimately taking the top spot in live video streaming.

But Periscope isn’t getting exclusivity on the live video streaming market. Facebook is entering into the live video streaming market with its aptly-titled Live Video. The company began testing the feature in December and today announced that it was rolling the feature out to all iPhone users within the US. Global expansion will follow in the coming weeks.

Facebook Live Video

Android users will have to wait a bit longer, as Facebook has said no more than that Live Video for Android is coming “soon”. With that vague of a timeframe, it’s safe to assume that the wait will be closer to weeks and months rather than days.

Utilizing Live Video is simple. You can simply tap on “Update Status” and then tap on the Live Video icon. Before streaming begins, you can write a quick description of what you’ll be streaming as well as choosing the audience that you want to share with. Once you end the live stream, the video will be saved to your timeline and can be watched and replayed by you and your friends.

Here’s a question for you: how many of you actually use live video streaming? Will you be trying Facebook’s Live Video?

Source: Facebook

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