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Google+ Android app receiving new update with user-requested fixes

Google Plus

Even though Google Plus may not be the largest social network on the planet, Google works very hard to keep the service polished and up-to-date. Today, Google is beginning to push out a new update to the Google+ Android app that includes some new tweaks and whole host of user-requested fixes. There’s a fair amount of minor things to cover, so we’ll dive right in.

  • Within the Google+ app, the bottom tab bar will auto-hide itself while you’re scrolling, allowing more visibility of content.
  • If you’re scrolling through the Home stream, you can now switch to different screen within the app and when you come back to your Home stream, it will remember your position.
  • The search bar has been improved, now offering auto-complete suggestions while you’re typing.
  • If you don’t have any communities or collections, the app will now prompt you to add one, further helping new users to explore Google+.
  • 69 bugs have been fixed.
  • 14 accessibility issues have been addressed.

While it’s not a significant overhaul, this new update shows that Google is continuing to listen to customer feedback and is responding in a way that addresses user concerns. The team also reminded customers that it will continue to listen to feedback and push out updates based on it, so keep letting them know what you think should be changed.

The update has begun rolling out today, but it may take a few days to arrive, so sit tight until it arrives for you.

Source: Google+ Updates

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