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Google Now Launcher adds auto-rotate and consistent icon sizes

Google Now on Tap

Do you use the Google Now Launcher? If so, there are a couple of new features that may be of interest to you. Google is now pushing out an update to its home screen launcher that includes bug fixes as well as new capabilities. First off, the update for the Google Now Launcher adds support for auto-rotation, meaning that your homescreen will now rotate horizontally and vertically, as nearly everything else within Android is able to do. This has been requested for a good long while, particularly as most third-party launchers allow for auto-rotation on the home screen.

The second new feature deals with icons. Google has had issues in the past with developers not following its icon sizing guidelines, so it’s taking a new step to keep them in check for users utilizing the Google Now Launcher. With this latest update, the Google Now Launcher will use software to automatically shrink overly large icons and expand overly small icons, giving a consistent icon size. This has been available in third-party launchers, too, but it’s good to see Google integrating it right into the Google Now Launcher.

The update is now rolling out, though it may take a bit of time to hit your device. Be patient and drop a comment down below when you get the update!

Via: Ars Technica

Source: Google app

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