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Google paid Apple $1 billion in 2014 as revenue split for Google search on iOS


The hits keep on coming from the Oracle court hearings. After disclosing that Google has possibly generated $31 billion from Android since its launch, further review of the transcripts revealed that Apple took in $1 billion from the revenue sharing agreement with Google that keeps Google the default search option on iOS.

After strenuous objections by both Google and Apple to this disclosure, which was never intended to be public and is potentially damaging to future negotiations for both companies, the transcript has since been removed from the court records, but the damage is already done.

While that $1 billion number was thrown out, it isn’t exactly clear what the revenue split is between the two companies. A¬†Google witness indicated that at one time the split was 34%, but an attorney for Google objected before any further clarification could be made regarding that figure.

With Oracle spoiling to cause problems for Google, it is a safe bet that we haven’t heard the last of these proceedings.

Source: Bloomberg Business

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