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HTC announces Vive Pre virtual reality headset

HTC Vive product 1

HTC delayed the Vive virtual reality headset, but for good reason. The company claimed that there was a major improvement to Vive that would delay the product. And today, HTC has announced the improvements made to the newly redesigned Vive Pre.

A big design decision was to add a front facing camera. A VR headset blocking your entire view isn’t exactly great when you can’t see anything around you. If you need to take a drink or speak to someone, the front-facing camera will allow you to see the outside world without taking off the headset.

The Vive Pre has also been made far more comfortable and compact. The foam inserts and nose gaskets are interchangeable to fit many different face types, the strap has been improved for better balance, and the entire thing has been made smaller. The controllers have been updated with better materials and a more ergonomic shape as well, and the charging base is quieter and more compact.

The changes aren’t massive, but a better product is definitely worth the wait. It’s slated to be launched in April of 2016. Will you be picking one up?

Source: PR Newswire

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