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HTC’s VR business may be spun off as its own company

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After the HTC Vive Pre picked up more than a dozen awards at CES, a new rumor claims that HTC is planning to create a separate entity for its VR business that would be wholly owned by HTC and Cher Wang. While HTC has yet to confirm or deny the report, the news was well received by HTC shareholders, giving the company’s stock a 5.2% bump before the markets closed on Monday in Taiwan.

Setting up a new business for the Vive would allow HTC’s VR business to run independently, without being bogged down by HTC’s current financial struggles. That being said, the subsidiary would need to fend for itself if HTC’s smartphone business isn’t able to turn the corner and get back on its feet. Most analysts are predicting that the VR industry will see substantial growth in the next 3 to 5 years. The virtual reality experience offered by the HTC Vive is currently better than what its competitors are offering, but some are speculating that it will cost as much as $1,500. The cost could come down in significantly in the next year or two, but that’s only if the first generation Vive sells moderately well.

Do you think HTC’s VR business will help get the company back on its feet in 2016?

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