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Inbox by Gmail getting quick answer cards to speed things up


Google does love cards, and its showing off that adoration with brand new “quick answer cards” within its Inbox by Gmail email app.

The latest update, which Google has just announced, is primarily focused on speeding things up when it comes to searching for content within the email app. With the quick answer cards, you’ll be able to search for a specific piece of content — like an address or an online order — and have the most relevant results show up in a card that pops up at the top of the search results. When you get that card, more often than not you’ll be able to tap on a link to gain more information, like tracking information for that online order you’re keeping an eye on.

Inbox by Gmail QAC

On top of that, Inbox now has a “Top results” section within search, which will show you emails by relevance. Google’s hoping you won’t have to dig too far into your emails anymore thanks in part to the quick action cards, but if you do, these results should help out.

Inbox streamline search

Inbox by Gmail recently added trip sharing in a previous update, so it’s good to see Google keeping up with new features for its other email app.

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