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Jaybird Freedom and X3 wireless earbuds give users unprecedented control


Jaybird has consistently put out some of our favorite wireless earbuds for the last several years, and at first glance it looks like that track record is going to continue with the updated Jaybird Freedom and Jaybird X3.

The new highlight feature for both is the new MySound app, giving users the ability to create completely customized sound profiles for their wireless earbuds that actually stay with the hardware. So once you have the sound set just the way you like it, they will retain that sound profile until you log back into the app to make a change, no matter what device you switch to.

We have been recommending the Jaybird X line as perhaps the best option for sports-focused wireless earbuds for years now, and the X3 looks primed to live up to its lineage.

The design of the X3 hasn’t undergone any major changes from the X2, but frankly that isn’t terribly surprising given that the X2 have only been available since last August. The starting price on the X3 has slimmed down to $149 from the $179 that the X2 commanded at launch. The X3 will be available starting in Q3.

The Freedoms, on the other hand, have gone through a dramatic transformation from previous iterations and will be the high-end option from Jaybird at $199 when they launch in Q2. But with this stunning new design, they easily justify that price point.

The Freedom headphones have switched to metal construction for the earbuds and the inline remote. It is truly amazing how much they managed to slim down the design on these headphones, I haven’t seen any wireless earbuds to date that can match what Jaybird has done with the Freedoms. Jaybird claims they are “the only buds you’ll ever need for fashion, fitness and work.”

By themselves, the Freedom wireless earbuds offer 4 hours of battery life, which would be a little short on its own. But in one of my favorite new trends with wireless headphones, they also include a charging clip that carries with it an additional four hours of battery life, which means you can probably go outlet free with your wireless headphones for the better part of a week.

What do you think of the new offerings from Jaybird?

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